Link Love 6 Febuary 2009

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There have been some major happenings in Design in the past week. While Chris Bangle fans will be disappointed that Chris Bangle will be leaving BMW. David Kelley fans will be jubilant to hear about David’s nomination for an Edison Achievement Award (He will receive it in April) for “pioneering contributions to the design of breakthrough products, services, and experiences for consumers, as well as his development of an innovative culture that has broad impact.”

This week there are a few interesting links to commentary on various Design world happenings mixed in with the usual bits and bobs.

Bye-bye to Bangle Butt’s – An excellent article on the departure of Chris Bangle from BMW.

Davos vs. TED. Which Conference has the answers to todays Crisis? – A short little rant from Bruce Nussbaum over at Business Week.

Don’t Push the wall - a great little article from Rob Jensen on how designers can get along better with the rest of the company.

17 Career Lessons from David Kelley – A interesting peice from over at FastCompany. In thier current issue they have a feature on David Kelley.

Tino at TED – Tino Chow’s blog where you can follow him at the TED conference in Longbeach, California.

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